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Elbe ferries: cross the river without a tram or bus

Photo of the “Johanna” Elbe ferry with the cityscape in the background

There's nothing so nice as messing about on the river – and crossing it on one of our Elbe ferries is a real delight! Being ferried over the Elbe is not only fun for younger passengers; it is very practical, too: whether you are taking a long stroll on the Elbe meadows or going to work, you can take a short-cut to the other bank with our Elbe ferries and enjoy the view of the city from the water.

We get you there, not just by rail or road but also on the water.

You can cross the Elbe by ferry at three points in central Dresden, and each crossing is attractive in its own special way.

Johannstadt - Neustadt

Photo of the Johannstadt Elbe ferry crossing to the other bank

On the outskirts of the city centre, by the Johannstadt Fährgarten beer garden, the ferry crossing is a convenient place to continue your walk along the Elbe on the other side of the river. As you cross from Johannstadt to the Neustadt you get a marvellous view of the city centre skyline.

Johannstadt – Neustadt ferry timetable

Niederpoyritz - Laubegast

Photo of the Niederpoyritz Elbe ferry in motion

Set in the sprawling Elbe meadows, this ferry crosses from Laubegast to Niederpoyritz, giving you an impressive view of the meadows to the east and the slopes of the Elbe valley to the west. This ferry crossing is easy to reach on tram routes 4 and 6, getting off at Alttolkewitz, or on bus route 63 to Moosleite.

Niederpoyritz – Laubegast ferry timetable

Kleinzschachwitz - Pillnitz

Photo of the Pillnitz car ferry just about to dock

The ferry connection between Kleinzschachwitz and Pillnitz is of particular interest to anyone visiting Pillnitz palace and grounds. As you arrive on the water there is a striking view of the palace. This is also the only ferry crossing in Dresden to carry cars. Moreover, combined with tram route 2, this ferry crossing is the fastest connection between the city centre and Pillnitz. From the terminal at Kleinzschachwitz, Freystraße, it is just a short walk to the ferry crossing.

Kleinzschachwitz – Pillnitz ferry timetable

More Elbe ferries in the Upper Elbe Transport Association

Most ferries do not run according to a strict timetable, but cross over as required.

Tip: With just one ticket, you can use local trains, suburban trains, trams, buses and any ferry (except spa town of Rathen).

Ferry prices

On the following Elbe ferries, all tickets according to the VVO tariff (except the 4-ride ticket for short journeys) and also the Deutschlandticket are recognised, provided they are valid in terms of time and space:

  • F1 Schöna, Bf. (D) – Hrensko, Ort (CZ) (cross-border)
  • F2 Schmilka, Hp. Hirschmühle – Schmilka, Ort
  • F3 Krippen – Postelwitz
  • F4 Krippen – Bad Schandau, Elbkai/Stadt
  • F5 Bad Schandau, Bf. – Bad Schandau, Elbkai/Stadt (Station ferry)
  • F6 Königstein – Halbestadt
  • F8 Stadt Wehlen, Fußweg zum Bf. – Stadt Wehlen, Markt
  • F9 Pirna – Pirna-Copitz
  • F10 Heidenau – Birkwitz
  • F14 Pillnitz – Kleinzschachwitz (Car and passenger ferry)
  • F16 Laubegast – Niederpoyritz
  • F17 Johannstadt – Neustadt
  • F24 Coswig-Kötitz – Gauernitz
  • F28 Diesbar-Seußlitz – Niederlommatzsch
  • F29 Riesa – Promnitz
  • F30 Strehla – Lorenzkirch

No VVO fare tickets are recognised on the Elbe ferry (F7 Niederrathen – Oberrathen) in the spa town of Rathen.

If you are only using the ferry, the following prices apply!

Tip: All tickets based on the VVO tariff are accepted on the Elbe ferries (except in Kurort Rathen), providing they are within the correct geographical and time limits. The tickets are not tied to the specific ferry concerned, but rather you can, for example, use a Pillnitz 10-ride ticket for the crossings on the other ferries, too.

Ferry prices valid from 1st April 2023


Tickets1 Normal Concessions
Single journey
€1.80 €1.20 2
Return trip
€2.70 €1.80 2
10-trip ticket €12.00 €7.50 2
One-month pass3 €21.00 €13.00 2

Bicycle (including rider)4

Tickets1 Normal Concessions
Single journey €3.00 €2.005
Return trip €4.50 €3.005

Vehicle (including 1 person)6

Tickets1 Normal
Single journey €5.00
Single journey (subscriber)7 €2.50
Return trip €8.50
Return trip (subscriber)7 €5.00
10-trip ticket €32.00

1The tickets are not restricted to the ferry where you buy them; they are accepted on all ferries in the above fare zones that transport passengers with that type of ticket.
2This price applies to schoolchildren aged under 15, one dog, one bicycle and its trailer, one handcart, one electric scooter with an insurance number plate or one moped up to 50 cc.
3Offer only valid on ferries in the Pirna and Bad Schandau fare zones. Price includes one dog, one bicycle and its trailer, one handcart, one electric scooter with an insurance number plate or one moped up to 50 cc.
4and its trailer; price also includes one handcart, one electric scooter with an insurance number plate or one moped up to 50 cc.
5the price is valid for schoolchildren until the 15th birthday
6Vehicle (including 1 person); motor vehicle from 50 cc or a horse (including rider)
7Price for one person with a horse or vehicle who is carrying a subscriber’s monthly pass or JobTicket purchased at the normal rate (except Deutschlandticket), within the area and period for which it is valid. Also valid with a disabled person’s Social Security Office ID card with the supplementary card holding a valid sticker. Price also applies to a vehicle trailer.

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