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Special-event trips: hire and ride to explore Dresden

Photo of vintage bus

Historical trams or modern buses - you can charter all kinds of vehicles for business or private purposes from us. We will be glad to help you find a suitable means of transport.

As well as our regular scheduled transport, we also organise trips as special events. You can book the vehicles you would like from us, for example to surprise guests at your family party or as an unusual means of showing your business partners around town. We will be happy to make your dreams come true to the best of our ability. And, best of all, the chauffeur is always included.

Special-event trips

The photo shows a yellow tram arriving with the words “special-event trip” on the display

When our trams and buses are not being used for scheduled services, we are happy to provide them for special-event trips. We are open to your wishes: in line with our motto "We move Dresden", we will take your wedding party to the registry office or your school class to the zoo.

Please get in touch as early as possible when arranging large-scale transfers within Dresden or the immediate surroundings.


Kay Klinkicht
+49 351 8571153
+49 351 8571253

Special-event tram trips

Special-event bus trips

Historical vehicles

The photo shows a historical tram opposite Dresden Zwinger.

We are a company with a long history. This is what makes our historical trams and buses so popular for trips on business and private occasions. You too can surprise your guests and order the legendary vintage tram "Großer Hecht" (Big Pike, from its shape), the striking Büssing vintage bus – one of the oldest well-preserved buses of its type in Germany – or another historical vehicle for your own private excursion.

Our ancient fleet of vehicles is maintained and lovingly cared for by two associations which will be glad to take your orders.

Click here to book historical trams (Straßenbahnmuseum Dresden e.V.)
[German only]

Click here to book historical buses and industrial vehicles (Historische Kraftfahrzeuge des Dresdner Nahverkehrs e.V.) [German only]

"Lottchen" children's tram

Photo of the childrens tram "Lottchen” driving past

Our “Lottchen” (“Lottie”), a brightly coloured tram especially for the little ones, is a real children's favourite. The children's tram has been a familiar sight around Dresden since as far back as 1991 as part of a joint project with Dresden Youth Welfare Office. Several educational city tours can be booked on different topics, in different city districts.

“Lottchen” can be booked not only by individuals (for birthdays or when children start school), but also by children's institutions and associations.

Landeshauptstadt Dresden

Youth Welfare Office liaison officer: Matthias Stresow

+49 351 4884658

Wir bewegen Dresden