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Fare zones made easy

The Upper Elbe transport association (VVO) is divided into 21 fare zones. One is the Dresden fare zone, which covers the entire city. The VVO fare system is based on the number of zones you travel through.

fare zone name fare zone name
10 Dresden 50 Meißen
20 Hoyerswerda 51 Nossen
30 Kamenz 52 Radebeul
31 Radeberg 60 Dippoldiswalde
32 Wittichenau 61 Freital
33 Lauta 63 Altenberg
34 Königsbrück 70 Pirna
40 Großenhain 71 Bad Gottleuba
41 Riesa 72 Bad Schandau
42 Thiendorf 73 Neustadt
43 Gröditz    

Additional zones

Some bus and train lines leave the VVO area, but the VVO tariff still applies on them.

fare zone name lines
81 Bischofswerda 264, 265, 267, 512, 520, 535, 748, 750, 795
82 Königswartha 500, 709, 710, 775, 780, 785, 790, 791, 796
92 Spremberg 779, 793
93 Elsterwerda RB 31, RB 45
94 Mühlberg 433, 437
96 Döbeln 416
97 Hetzdorf 333

Pricing levels for one-week, one-month and yearly passes

The pricing level you need depends on the number of fare zones you intend to travel through regularly.

Schematic map of Dresden fare zone

Pricing level A1 – You are only travelling within the Dresden fare zone, without leaving it.

Schematic map of 1 fare zone

Pricing level A – for trips within a single fare zone (as stamped on the ticket). Price level A1 is for the Dresden fare zone.

Schematic map of fare zone and border area

Pricing level A – border area – Pricing level A also applies to trips within a border area (as stamped on the ticket). You will find further information on border area regulations further down the page.

Schematic map of 2 fare zones

Pricing level B – for trips within two neighbouring fare zones (as stamped on the ticket).

Schematic map of regular zone

Pricing level C – for trips within one fare zone (as stamped on the ticket) and all neighbouring fare zones.

Example: A commuter between Dresden and Bad Schandau selects the Pirna fare zone (70) as her regular zone. This means that all three fare zones she travels through on her commute are covered on the pricing level 3 ticket. She can also travel through the fare zones for Bad Gottleuba (71), Radeberg (31), Neustadt (73) and Freital (61).

Schematic map of entire network fare zones

Pricing level D – for trips throughout the entire network.

Border area regulations

When you cross the fare zone border you have to pay the price for two fare zones. To “cushion” this jump in the price from level 1 to level 2, “border areas” have been created at the borders between neighbouring fare zones. This is of advantage to you if you get on shortly before the fare zone border and get off shortly after it. The border areas come in different sizes depending on the network and the transport links.

The border areas are indicated on tickets by means of the special stamp or the word “Grenzraum” (border area) printed on season passes. Border area stops are indicated on the VVO network map by blue semi-circles and on timetables by the letters “GR”.

If you are only travelling within the border area (between stops A and B), you only need a ticket for one fare zone, i.e. pricing level 1 (when using single tickets) or pricing level A (when using one-week, one-month or yearly passes). Please note that one-day passes are not issued only for use within border areas.

Example 1: You are travelling from Prohlis (Dresden) to Pechhütte (Heidenau). You use a pricing level A ticket. The border area regulation applies. You are staying within the border area.

Example 2: you are travelling from Prohlis (Dresden) to Pirna. You use a pricing level B ticket. The border area regulation does NOT apply. You are leaving the Pirna fare zone border area.

Border areas and border bus and tram stops in the Dresden network

Route Border stop Border area
4     Laubegast – Radebeul – Weinböhla Forststraße Mickten – Landesbühnen Sachsen 
65    Blasewitz – Reick – Luga/Heidenau Dresdner Straße/Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße Berthold-Haupt-Straße – Heidenau, Bahnhof
66    Dresden – Freital To Freital: Burgker Straße
To Dresden: Achtbeeteweg
72    Klotzsche – ElbePark Boxdorf Boxdorf – ElbePark
72    ElbePark – Klotzsche Altserkowitz ElbePark – Boxdorf
83    Pillnitz – Graupa – Bonnewitz Am Waldrand Pillnitz, Leonardo-da-Vinci-Straße – Bonnewitz
86    Dresden – Heidenau Dresdner Straße/Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße Meußlitzer Straße – Heidenau, Bahnhof
86    Dresden – Freital Fußweg nach Borthen Prohlis, Einkaufszentrum – Kreischa, Am Mühlgraben
89    Niedersedlitz – Lockwitz – Röhrsdorf Lockwitz
Altlockwitz – Röhrsdorf

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