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This way to the tickets!

We provide a wide range of ticket sales outlets in the area we cover. To buy tickets quickly, you will find ticket machines at stops and on trams. If you need individual advice or need to know something specific, the staff at our service points and our customer centre look forward to your visit.


The photo shows a man and a woman at a counter talking to a customer advisor.

You will be given competent advice on our ticket range, as well as all our offers and services, at our customer centre on Postplatz, our service points at the main station (Wiener Platz) and Prager Straße, as well as from the reception service at our administration offices at Trachenberger Straße 40.

Addresses of customer centre and service points

App DVB mobil

Use your smartphone to buy tickets: With the App DVB mobil ticket purchase via mobile telephone is easy and quick.

This is how it works: To participate, register just once in the app HandyTicket Germany (App Store, Google Play) with your customer details, payment method, address data and confirm. After registration log in to app DVB mobil. Now you enjoy buying tickets around the clock.

Buy your ticket with one swipe

Image HandyTicket

Just board and set off: The FAIRTIQ app makes it easy for you to travel by rail and bus, without having to worry about choosing the right ticket. And you will always enjoy the lowest fare. Simply install the FAIRTIQ app, register once and then swipe to check before you set off, and swipe to check out again when your journey is over.

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Ticket machines at tram and bus stops

Ticket machines are available at all the main tram and bus stops. They are easy to use and provide our entire range of tickets. Use the City of Dresden's themed city map to see where our ticket machines are located. You can also use this service to search directly for ticket machines near a certain address.

Ticket machine locations on the Dresden themed city map

Ticket machines on the tram

There are ticket machines on every tram selling not all ticket types, but the main ones (single tickets, one-day passes). In trams the machines are in the front of each carriage between the first and the second door. They can only be operated contactless and cashless by holding your cash card or smartphone up to the reader.

Ticket machines on the bus

You will already find a new ticket machine on some buses. All buses will be equipped gradually and should be ready by summer 2023. The following tickets are available for purchase: Single ticket at normal price, reduced single ticket, day ticket at normal price, family day ticket. Payment is contactless and cashless by holding your cash card or smartphone to the reader.

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