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Night-time travel on the GuteNachtLinie routes

The photo shows Postplatz with the Zwinger and Palace at night.

Whether you are on your way to work or setting off for a party, our GuteNachtLinie routes will take you to your destination and back safe and sound, deep into the night. So that night owls no longer have to worry about night-time transport, we take you to almost every corner of town on our carefully planned, well-connected GuteNachtLinie night-time routes.

Guaranteed connection

Kampagnenbild GNL

The GuteNachtLinie routes give you a guaranteed connection. The Trams and buses travel on almost the same routes as during the day and wait for one another if a vehicle is ever late.

There are just three things you need to know:

  • GuteNachtLinie routes:
    You can recognise a GuteNachtLinie stop from the logo on the tram or bus stop sign.
  • Postplatz meet-up:
    Postplatz is the most important hub for night-time travel in Dresden. Most GuteNachtLinie routes meet here at the same time, giving you a guaranteed connection.
  • Guaranteed connections:
    Some routes do not take part in the Postplatz meet-up, but we can still take you from Postplatz to your destination conveniently with just one change – and no waiting times.

This is how the connections work:

  • Heading towards Wilder Mann
    Take Route 11 to Bahnhof Neustadt and continue on Route 3
  • Towards Coschütz
    Take Route 11 to Hauptbahnhof Nord and continue on Route 3
  • Towards Kaditz
    Take Route 4 to Altpieschen and continue on Route 13
  • Towards Prohlis
    Take Route 11 to Lennéplatz and continue on Route 13

It is also simple to change routes without going to the Postplatz meet-up. The night-time timetables are perfectly harmonised to make sure of this. Vehicles wait for one another at eight switchover points in all, so you never miss your connection.

Intervals and times

The GuteNachtLinie routes run at Friday, Saturday and before holidays:

  • Until 22:45 - every 15 minutes
  • From 22:45 to 04:45 - every 30 minutes
  • Postplatz meet-up: every minute 15 and 45

The GuteNachtLinie routes run from Sunday to Thursday:

  • Until 22:45 - every 15 minutes
  • From 22:45 to 00:45 - every 30 minutes
  • From 00:45 to 04:45 - every 60 minutes
  • Postplatz meet-up: Until 00:45 every minute 15 and 45, after 00:45 every minute 45

You will find full information on night-time travel, as well as all the departure times and connections, in the night-time schedule. This convenient brochure can be acquired free of charge at our service points, at the customer centre and from many public institutions.

Timetables for the GuteNachtLinie routes from the nearest stop are displayed at many of Dresden's bars, restaurants, pubs, theatres and cinemas.

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