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From cultural programmes and sporting events to trade shows

Every day, Dresden offers a huge range of events for residents and visitors. Whether you are organising a conference, concert or sporting event, we have the right ticket to get people there!


Planning a conference, trade fair or congress and want to make it accessible to your visitors on public transport? Then the KongressTicket is just what you need.

Offer your visitors a KongressTicket and they can get there free of charge by train, bus or tram in Dresden or the entire Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe (VVO) network. For events attended by 50 to 250 people, we offer the KongressTicket for 4 euros a day in the Dresden fare zone. If you are expecting more than 250 visitors, we will be happy to quote an individual price for you. In such cases we will also check whether more vehicles need to be brought into service.

Enquiries about KongressTicket cooperation
(You will be forwarded to the VVO.)

Contact us

Organising an event and want to offer your customers a KombiTicket or KongressTicket?

We'll be happy to help!

Susanne Oldenburg-Kurze


Are you the organiser of an event (theatre, sports, music, etc.) and want your tickets to also be valid for rail and bus travel on the VVO transport network? Then the KombiTicket is just what you need.

We have already made KombiTickets available for many events, e.g.:

  • SG Dynamo Dresden
  • DSC Volleyball
  • Staatsoperette Dresden
  • Theater der Jungen Generation
  • Felsenbühne Rathen
  • Holiday on Ice
  • Lange Nacht der Theater
  • Bergsichten Festival
  • Museumssommernacht
  • Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden
  • Kongress der DGU
  • Frühjahrstagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft
  • Concerts Herbert Grönemeyer, Helene Fischer

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