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MOBI – Travel however you want!


Our vision for the future is simple and especially flexible use of various, environmentally friendly means of transport. That’s why we created MOBI, a system of services that encourage citizens of and visitors to Dresden to use various means of transport flexibly, and choose local public transport services more frequently.

Stay flexible and choose spontaneously. We take care of everything else.

Travel however you want! With MOBI – a DVB service in cooperation with local partners. Guaranteed flexibility. Wherever you want to go, in sunshine, rain or snow – we offer the best service, guaranteed. By pooling multimodal services, we cleverly link rail and buses, bike and car sharing and electric vehicle charging stations. This makes it easy to choose the perfect means of transport and lets users reach their destinations in an individual, quick and especially environmentally friendly way.

Everything on point

It’s easy to switch between the services at the MOBIpunkt (Mobility Point) stations. They are always right beside a tram or bus stop. As part of European Mobility Week, we opened the first Mobility Point at Pirnaischer Platz on 21 September 2018. We aim to establish an extensive network of mobility points in Dresden. Over 60 MOBIpunkt stations will have been completed.

You can find all MOBIpoints at a glance here.

MOBI is for people who think of the future.

Urban living is characterised by growing populations and increasing traffic levels. Multimodal mobility increases quality of life and helps protect the environment. MOBI makes these visions a reality, bringing the future of mobility to Dresden.

Rail and bus travel

We move Dresden – with railways, buses, cable railways and ferries, and take you to almost every corner of the city reliably, 24 hours a day, generally every 10 minutes during the day. Tickets are available at many stops, in our rail vehicles and, for maximum convenience, in our official DVB mobil app – which includes a route planner, real-time departures, disruption notifications and an interactive map.

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Bike sharing

For example, you can continue your rail and bus journey on rental bicycles, getting you to your destination faster. We launched a new bike sharing system with our partner nextbike on 17 August 2020. You can explore Dresden around the clock on the 1,300 bright yellow rental bikes – MOBIbikes.

How to rent a bike:

  1. Register for free in the nextbike app or on www.nextbike.de, create a user account and enter a valid payment method.     
  2. Choose a bike, scan the QR code or enter the bike number in the app and confirm your rental. The frame lock opens automatically.
  3. Jump on and cycle away.
  4. To return the bike without additional charges, bring it to a MOBIpunkt, an official MOBIbike return street or station. Alternatively, you can leave the bike in the Flexzone for an additional charge of € 1.00. To return a bike, just close the frame lock. The bike is returned automatically.

More information on bike sharing.

Car sharing

Planning a big shop for the weekend or the next party? Or visiting relatives and friends outside the city? Or taking an extended family break with everything you need? Sometimes, you just need the individual freedom a car gives you, and nothing else will do. That’s why MOBIcar is the perfect solution. Together with our partner teilAuto, we offer over 450 vehicles at over 225 car sharing stations throughout the city. Users can book cars by the hour or for multiple days, and fill the cars cash-free with a fuel card, while teilAuto pays the bill. The rates also include parking costs and motor vehicle tax.

How to rent a car:

  1. Register on www.mobi-dresden.de/car, create a customer account and wait for approval.
  2. Book an available vehicle at a MOBIpunkt or teilAuto station in the teilAuto app, online or by phone.
  3. You can open the car easily with your teilAuto customer card or the teilAuto app
  4. To return the car, please bring it back to the car sharing station where you picked it up. Use the app or customer card to lock it.    

More information on car sharing.

Recharging station

Users of electric bikes or cars have to plan when and where they can recharge their batteries. MOBI is enhancing the network of electric charging stations in Dresden. More Information here.

How to get your power:

  1. Please follow the instructions at each charging station.
  2. You can pay by charging card (RFID cards with eRoaming function) or the e-charging app.

Strom tanken (e-charging)

The ‘StromTanken’ app is available free of charge for Android and iOS. An integrated map shows all available charging stations, and a navigation feature helps you find the chosen charger. Users are billed either directly via their mobile phone contract or prepaid credit – or alternatively by credit card, Paypal or direct debit.


You can also charge the vehicle via an RFID chip – generally in card or key fob form. Condition: Your RFID chip provider is connected to SachsenEnergie’s IT system. Charging via RFID chip is billed directly via the company that issued the chip, at the associated rates.

Advantages for subscription customers

Do you have a DVB subscription? Regular travellers enjoy many benefits from our Partners nextbike and teilAuto.

Bike sharing

MOBIbike offers special low rates for bicycles: Your first 30 minutes are free! From the 31st minute, you save no less than 50 percent compared with the standard fare.

DVB subscriber rates with MOBIbike:

  • Your first 30 minutes are free
  • Each additional 30 minute period: € 1.00
  • 24 hours = € 15.00

More information here.

Car sharing

Of October 2020, you can enjoy double benefits with the MOBIcar rate for DVB subscribers!

DVB subscriber rates with MOBIcar:

As a regular DVB customer, you pay

  • No deposit
  • No starting price and
  • No monthly base fee!

More information here.

MOBI partners

Enthüllung MOBIpunkt

MOBI is a DVB service in cooperation with various local partners. Current project partners are:

Landeshauptstadt Dresden

Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe

SachsenEnergie AG




Construction of our mobility points is made possible in part by financial support.

National Climate Initiative

With the National Climate Initiative, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection promotes and initiates climate protection projects throughout Germany, thereby making an important contribution to achieving the national climate protection goals: Germany is to become largely climate neutral by 2045. The programmes and projects cover a broad spectrum of climate protection activities: from the development of long-term strategies to concrete assistance and investment support measures.

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection

The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) is responsible for a range of government policies that are reflected in the name of the ministry itself. The ministry has been working over 30 years to protect the public from environmental toxins and radiation, to promote the wise and efficient use of raw materials, to advance climate action and to ensure that natural resources are used in a way that protects the diversity of animal and plant species and preserves their habitats.

Daten Tanken

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the research association "Daten Tanken" is setting up 186 charging points in the city of Dresden.


The European Commission’s MAtchUP project awarded Dresden a leading role as a ‘Lighthouse City’ for sustainable smart city solutions in Germany and Europe. The Economic Development Office coordinates the project, bringing together key partners from the business, research and administrative sectors. The key aspects involved in overcoming the challenge of climate change and the transport transition are energy, digitalisation and mobility.

Questions and ideas?

Please reach out to us directly at: mobi@dvbag.de

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