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Permits for photographers and film-makers

Dear media representative,

If you would like to take photographs or film in our vehicles, the permit application process is very simple. The permit can be delivered by post, fax or e-mail; please plan at least five days in advance. We do not charge a fee for the permit. Please send a message to presse@dvbag.de telling us where and when the shoot is planned. If you only wish to film or photograph the exterior of our vehicles in public, no permit is required at all.

When taking photographs or filming on trams or buses, please note:

  • On scheduled services, it is generally prohibited to enter the driver's working section on the tram's cab or the bus.
  • If you plan to film or photograph DVB staff members, their permission is required in advance. The same applies to our passengers.
  • A valid ticket is required for the journey.

If you would like to take photographs or film in our buildings or depots, or have any other questions or wishes, please get in touch. If possible, we will be happy to oblige. Of course, you are also welcome to use our archive materials. This is a service for journalists and media representatives, not for private individuals interested in the subject.

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