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Travel the entire city on a hired bike

Photo of a woman and a man sitting at a café table. An sz-bike in the foreground

Visitors to our city can now discover Dresden in an even more individual manner. The partnership between Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG and the cycle hire system sz-bike (part of nextbike) means that you can explore the city on the Elbe in a flexible, independent way.

Get to know Dresden individually with the combination that best suits you:

  • Explore routes through attractive countryside
  • Leave the bike near a tram or bus stop and get a ride by tram or bus over longer distances
  • After getting out, continue to discover interesting districts by bike
  • What if the weather changes? No problem: leave the bike where it is and simply get back on the tram or bus. It's up to you whether you steer or leave it up to someone else.

Our subscribers enjoy other great advantages

Regular DVB customers can now stay mobile at any time, at a special price. With our subscriber's monthly pass and cooperation with sz-bike, we offer our subscribers another eco-friendly mobility solution: you can use the hired sz-bikes at especially attractive conditions.

So why not take the tram to an appointment then return at your convenience on an sz-bike? For you, the first 30 minutes are even free of charge! And you save a full 50 per cent on the standard charge from the 31st minute. Billing is per 30 minutes.

The bikes are scattered all over the city. Before pedalling off, simply register for free at www.sz-bike.de, charge your account with the minimum sum of €1 and get on your bike!


DVB subscription cost (€0 a month) Normal cost (€0 a month)
first 30 mins per trip free €1.00
every 30 mins after that €0.50 €1.00
24 h €5.00 €9.00

sz-bike for students

Since winter semester 2017/18 students at TU Dresden and HTW Dresden can use the Dresden bike rental system for a reduced price with a valid Semesterticket. The first 60 minutes of each ride are free of charge. You can even use this offer multiple times a day. Every additional 30 minutes cost 0.50 €, with a maximum amount of 5 € within 24 hours. The Semesterticket rate applies to one bike. You can rent up to four bikes at the same time on your account. Further information for students: here.

Saddle up! How it works...

Photo of a customer card being held to the sensor of the hired bike


Register for free at sz-bike using hotline on +49 30 69205046, the sz-bike website or nextbike app.

After setting up a customer account and charging your account with the minimum sum of €1, you can use the nextbike services in all the company's German partner cities and regions, as well as those abroad.

Photo of two hands opening a bike lock


To hire a bike, scan the QR-code or enter the bike number via app. You can also rent bikes by calling our hotline: +49 30 69205046.

The frame lock opens automatically, so never rent bikes from afar. You can park your bike without stopping the rental. Activate the park mode in your app and close the lock afterwards. Simply deactivate it again to continue your ride.

Photo of a woman cycling on an SZbike


You can leave the bike at any official sz-bike pick-up point or at any spot within the flexzone. Close the lock by pressing down the lever. Refresh your app to make sure the rental has been stopped.

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