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Facts and figures

How many workers and apprentices are there at DVB AG? How large is the fleet of yellow vehicles? What types of vehicle are used in Dresden? Which route is the longest? Figures say more than words. Specific data show our company's size and achievements.

Important figures at a glance (2020)

  • 1.970 staff
  • 84 trainees
  • 115.7 million passengers a year
  • 69.7 percent revenue-to-cost ratio
  • 166 low-floor trams and 18 Tatra vehicles
  • 12 tram routes travelling 213 kilometres of track
  • 141 buses
  • 29 bus lines travelling 321 kilometres of road
  • 722 stops
  • 4 ferry crossings
  • 2 listed hillside railways

Annual report with sustainability indicators

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