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Alita taxis

The photo shows the Betriebshof Trachenberge stop sign, focusing on the ALITA taxi

We offer our customers a special service in the form of alita taxis. At times of very low demand, taxis drive certain routes in place of regular buses and trams. The alita will take you to the furthest corners of the city without costing a cent more than a normal bus trip. You will recognise the alita taxis easily from the special sign in the cab.

How it works: an alita only comes to replace regular bus and tram routes on request, i.e. when you book one. It then drives past the regular stops. Please phone our service hotline +49 351 8571111 at least 20 minutes before you want to set off. Simpler still, book an alita from the bus or tram driver in the previous vehicle. Whatever you do, don't forget the 20-minute notice period.

This is the information we need for your alita booking:

  • The alita route in question
  • The stops you are travelling to and from
  • The time on the schedule at which you would like to leave
  • Your name
  • Special points, for example if you have a pushchair or are in a group

Alita trips count as normal journeys, so all you need is a valid ticket (including monthly or yearly passes). If you have not yet got a ticket, you can buy one-trip tickets from the taxi driver.

Alita taxis leave according to a fixed timetable. You can see the times in the timetable booklet from the alita symbol. On the timetable information displayed at tram and bus stops, alita trips are marked with a “T”.

Booking alita:

+49 351 8571111

Taxi booking service

Between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., your driver will phone on request for a taxi to wait for you at the stop where you get out and drive you home. During your trip, as the vehicle waits at a stop, simply tell the driver you would like a taxi. The taxi company prices and terms apply for the taxi ride.

alita routes and operating times

alita route Route taken Timetables Connects with route
alita 8 Infineon Nord – Hellerau Kiefernweg Route 8 timetables 7
alita 61 Bühlau – Weißig Einkaufszentrum Route 61 timetables 11
alita 61 Bühlau – Fernsehturm 11
alita 63 Wasaplatz – Münzteichweg
Route 63 timetables 9, 13
alita 63 Münzteichweg – Münzmeisterstraße 11
alita 65 Luga – Altleuben Route 65 timetables
alita 65 Tronitzer Straße – Altleuben 2
alita 66 Südhöhe – Kaitz Route 66 timetables
alita 66 Prohlis – Lockwitz 13
alita 70 Wilschdorf Industriegebiet  – Bahnhof Klotzsche Route 70 timetables
alita 70 Am Altfrankener Park – Dahlienweg 2
alita 72 ElbePark – Altserkowitz Route 72 timetables 64
alita 75 Goppeln – Wasaplatz Route 75 timetables 1
alita 75 Bf. Cossebaude – Niederwartha 1, 94
alita 76 S-Bf. Pieschen – Justizvollzugsanstalt Route 76 timetables 3
alita 77 Flughafen – Infineon Nord Route 77 timetables 7
alita 79 Mickten – Übigau Route 79 timetables 4
alita 81 Wilschdorf Industriegebiet – Liststraße Route 81 timetables 3, 13
alita 84 Schillerplatz – Rochwitz Rote 84 timetables 12, 61
alita 88 Prohlis – Niedersedlitz – Kleinzschachwitz Route 88 timetables 6, 13
alita 89 Niedersedlitz – Lockwitz – Borthen – Röhrsdorf Route 89 timetables 6, 86
alita 92 Cotta – Briesnitz – Ockerwitz Route 92 timetables 12
alita 95 Bf. Cossebaude – Gohlis – Bf. Cossebaude Route 95 timetables 94
alita 97 Leutewitz – Podemus – Zschonergrundmühle Route 97 timetables 12

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